Practical Information in Port Harcourt

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Port Harcourt practical information includes it as the capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria. It is located in the Niger delta and it lies along the Bonny River.  

Population and Currency

The population for Port Harcourt is about 11.5 million and the official currency for Port Harcourt is Nigerian naira which is equal to .0066 dollars.  


The language for Port Harcourt Nigeria is Nigerian Pidgin English. It is not official language but 80 percent of the Nigerians speak Nigerian pidgin language.
Approximately 5 million Nigerians learn Pidgin English as their first language and rest of the population learns it as the third or second language because English is the official language in Nigeria. English is used at work place or offices. The current number of languages which are spoken by Nigerian is about 210 of which 200 languages are living languages, 2 second languages without native speakers and  9 languages are extinct languages.  


The dominant religion of Port Harcourt, Nigeria is Christianity. It is dominant in this part of Nigeria and it contains strong numbers in the southwest. The northern states are full of Muslims and in the southern part there are large numbers of Christians. In the southwest, there is no predominant religion.  


The climate for Port Harcourt is tropical monsoon. There are 2 seasons--heavy rainy seasons and very short dry seasons. The time period of dry season is from December to January. In the month of December, 20 mm of rain can be seen which is very low. Heaviest precipitation in Port Harcourt is seen in the month of September in which about 375 mm rainfall can be seen. Temperatures remain constant throughout the year in the city. Average temperature is seen from 25 degree C to 28 degrees C.  


The Nigerian government has implemented a 2-step process for tourists to get a visa. The visa can be tourist visa, business visa or visitor’s visa. In first step, apply for a Nigerian visa and then transmit an online application. Then second step is only taken when application will be confirmed and payment receipts will be issued.

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