Museums in Port Harcourt

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If you like to see museums and are going to be traveling to Nigeria, there are a few Port Harcourt museums you should see while you are there. The museums have a lot of interesting cultural pieces, and you are sure to enjoy seeing and learn more about each of the pieces and the culture.

National Museum

The National Museum has a large number of traditional ornaments from the 19th century. It also has a lot of unique artistic pieces that include bronze items, terra cotta, cast iron pieces and other Nigeria artifacts. This museum offers many unique items you will not be able to see in other locations and has a great display of some of the more rare items.

The Obi Wale Museum

This museum shows the cultural and historical life in the Rivers state. The museum is small, but it has carvings and paintings of various kinds that all depict the culture and the history of the state. If you enjoy looking at a number of interesting carvings, this museum is one of the Port Harcourt museums that you should see.

Rivers State Museum

The Rivers museum offers a variety of art and old pieces on display. You can enjoy learning more about the culture. This is one of the most visited Port Harcourt museums and is also near the city center and many hotels, making it easy to visit.

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Unyeada Fish Musem

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Unyeada Fish Museum depicts the historical relics influenced by the warrior ancestry of king Otuo Ogbolakon of ancient Unyeada kingdom who ruled Andoni Nation during the pre-colonial era as a Warrior-king. The Eastern Delta was also famous for powerful kings at different times who in course of controlling the their territorial boundaries and much later the trade route invented War canoes (fleet of more..

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accessibility:By road (Port Harcourt - Bori- Unyeada
openingHours:9.00am - 5.000pm
address:Unyeada Town, Andoni LGA, Rivers State.

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