Getting There in Port Harcourt

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When visiting Port Harcourt, getting there can be different, depending on if you are coming in by air, land or sea. Getting to Port Harcourt by water is not possible, as most ships and boats are used for carrying cargo, but there are several other options available.

By Plane

Flying in to Port Harcourt is relatively easy as many flights from Europe go directly to Port Harcourt International Airport. French and German airlines usually operate such flights (Air France or Lufthansa). You can also get local flights coming in from cities like Lagos and Abuja.

By Train

By train, you can only go to Port Harcourt through the town of Enugu. This train operates only three times weekly, and the journey is ten hours. However, it is a great trip for anyone who wants to see the sites along the way.

By Car or Bus

Many towns around Port Harcourt offer bus services. This is the most popular mode of transport for the locals. You can choose from luxury buses, coaches, or the normal bus service. Many different bus companies have offices in the towns and cities around Port Harcourt.

Car hire companies are common in all the major cities surrounding Port Harcourt. You will be able to choose a self-driven car or hire plus a driver. You can get all kinds of makes and models, depending on how much you are willing to spend. There are saloon cars, coaster buses, buses with 10 to 18 seats, 4-wheel drive vehicles, and even pick-ups. One example of a company that offers a vast range of cars is Omaat Gold Global Services Ltd.

You may also choose to go to Port Harcourt by taxi from neighboring towns, but the fares for these taxis can be quite expensive.

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i have received an offer of job from cambel shipping and logistics compnay portharcourt, nigeria.

i want to know about the living standard of the people of portharcourt and their culture. because shortly i have to go to portharcourt

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