Festivals in Port Harcourt

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Port Harcourt festivals, celebrated by the people of Port Harcourt, display the culture, tradition and lifestyle of the area. These festivals will make your Port Harcourt experience an extraordinary one. Port Harcourt is the capital of River State, Nigeria.

ION International Film Festival

The ION International Film Festival is a festival in Port Harcourt that happens every December. It is a caravan festival that aims to promote independent films, music videos, animation, documentaries and movie trailers. Annually, the ION International Film Festival tours around the world to uphold global awareness and unity through producing socially relevant movies that will have a good impact on the world. This festival runs for four days with series of events that take place. The events are formulated to give the directors, celebrities and producers a chance to learn from each other and build their network.

Music Festival

The Music Festival promotes its local music performers and entertainers. This is a venue for them to discover new styles in music and learn from each other. Also, the Music Festival is the time for the music artists to discuss the topical concerns and events in the entertainment industry.

Nwaotam Festival

Nwaotam Festival is celebrated annually every 25 th day of December in Port Harcourt. This festival is celebrated to welcome the New Year and to eliminate the bad spirits of the previous year. During this celebration, many tribal groups spend the night in the sea to offer prayers that will ward off the evil forces. On the next day, a procession is held at the seashore to signal the start of the celebration.

Oki Festival

The Oki Festival is a ceremonial and social dance festival that's celebrated by the Kalabari people of Rivers state. The dancers who join in the festival represent a family of fish. The head of the family is the Oki, a sea creature that looks like a sword shark. During this event, the fish families show their fish-like dance to the Kalabari people.

Garden City Literary Festival

The Garden City Literary Festival is a festival in Port Harcourt that happens in the month of September. This festival takes place to celebrate literature and arts in Port Harcourt. Many famous people in the field of literature and arts are invited to partake in this event. Some of them are asked to share their knowledge and expertise to the audience.

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The annual Rivifest

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This festival is in the month of November and it's a display of the various cultural dances belonging to the culturally diverse state.

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