Day Trips in Port Harcourt

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A major benefit that you can take of advantage while you are here in Nigeria is to engage in several Port Harcourt Day Trips. The large city makes it a great place to use as a base while you travel out to various places in order to view what the country and its folk are all about. This country has lots of culture that has influenced it throughout the centuries, which you can experience in going sight-seeing. Above all though, it is highly esteemed for the natural beauty that is pretty much been kept intact in certain protected areas.

Exciting Environmental Day Trips

Old Oyo National Park

This is a wonderful national park that has as a main attribute its old style Portuguese houses which are still in excellent condition. The surrounding lands are home to all kinds of fauna and flora. It is notorious for the amount of buffalo and buffoons that reside here. You will notice that the park is home to a great array of birds. Camping or canoeing is also encouraged while you visit the park.

A Boat Ride to Okrika

It would be a nice day trip to take a boat ride north along the Bonny River to the town of Okrika. The landscape is amazing and the area has all kinds of streams that intertwine as they run towards the delta. When you get to Okirika there is an attractive church dedicated to St. Peter. If you go during the summer months you may witness the Yam festival, a very special event to the natives there.

Yankari National Park

Within a day’s ride outside of Port Harcourt is where you will find the Yankari National Park. This park is the largest of the refuges for endangered animals here in Nigeria. Its boundaries are kept within the framework of the Gagi River. The natural beauty of this reserve is absolutely astounding, making it the most popular park in the whole country of Nigeria.

Agbokim Waterfalls

Nigeria is highly respected for the country’s natural beauty and the Agbokim Waterfalls add immensely to that praise. It is more than a day’s travel to get there from Port Harcourt but the travel is well worth it. If you really get pleasure from viewing nature, this is an absolute must attraction to see. As you observe the water rushing through the forest then cascading to the pools below will be just mind-blowing.

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