Cruises in Port Harcourt

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Port Harcourt: Well-Served by Cruise Links

This outstanding Nigerian travel destination is well-served by boat links and Port Harcourt cruises will take you to the fascinating locations of Booky, Buguma and Okirika. This method of transport is also the perfect way to enjoy the pleasures of Port Harcourt itself - both inland and out to sea.

Lazing on the Beach

There's no better way to hit the beach than by arrival on boat. The cool waters are ideal for swimming and the easy, breezy beach itself is the perfect spot to sunbathe and read. A great thing to do when the sun sets is to take a stroll along the shore before hitting one of the bars for a nightcap before you return to your boat on whichever one of the Port Harcourt cruises it is you are a passenger.

'A Good Walk Spoiled'

The people of Port Harcourt are golf-mad and no shore excursion to the town is complete without a few rounds at the Port Harcourt Golf Course. If you are a non-member that's fine because you can pay for 1 day's worth of play. If you get peckish before, during or after the game there's a great restaurant to go to. The course is actually so near the coast that it is quite easy to sail up quite close to it, row ashore and have yourself a game. Thus Port Harcourt cruises might actually be the most accessible way of getting to this attraction. You should keep your camera handy too for the stunning landscape surrounding the course.

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