Budget Travel Ideas in Port Harcourt

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With a few savvy ideas, you can develop an effective Port Harcourt Budget Travel plan. Since a vacation entails so many aspects, it is always easy to determine what part of the trip you would like to cut back on. If you don’t have much money to spend, there may be package deals that lessen the total cost. Or you might want to cut a specific area of spending to allow yourself to use the money for something else. No matter what your plan is, a budget-efficient trip lessens the strain on your bank account. Here are some effective budget travel ideas for Port Harcourt.

Getting to Port Harcourt
Usually there are several means of travel to a particular destination. Not so for arriving here at Port Harcourt. Your exclusive mode of transportation will be by airplane, unless for some reason you decide to travel by vehicle from another city.

The nice part about coming to Port Harcourt by plane is that the international airport here is used by at least 25 airlines. This gives you a wide range to choose from. When deciding what airlines to take, you must take into consideration how luxurious your flight needs to be. If you don’t mind having the bare minimum in comfort, the lesser-known airlines have great discounts. If you are a senior citizen, remember that there are additional discounts available to you.


There are no hostels here in Port Harcourt to check into, nor are there major chain hotels in business here. Your only option is a privately owned hotel. But even so, there are two hotels that manage to be cheap yet still have some modern amenities. Your best bet is the Protea Hotel, which is a three-star hotel. It has some comfortable amenities, yet will not put a hole in your wallet.

A slightly upgraded place to stay is the Hotel Presidential. This establishment is considered a four-star hotel, so it is just a bit more costly, yet is still reasonably priced. If you make a reservation before you arrive here, you can save even more.

Getting Around

While you are perusing around the city, it is suggested that you rent a bike if you want to really save on cost. Most of the attractions that are here in Nigeria have to do with the environment, so you can either choose a vehicle or to go by ferry rides. It is recommended that you ride in boats rather than cars; they are quite a bit less in the long run, and you will get much more enjoyment out of your traveling time.

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