Beaches in Port Harcourt

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The coastal city of Port Harcourt was founded in southern Nigeria. The white sand Port Harcourt Beaches are considered some of the most beautiful and well maintained shorelines in Africa. Port Harcourt has become one of the most exciting cities in Nigeria. The country's growing oil industry has allowed the city to invest in local businesses and attractions. Expatriates from all over the world are influencing the leisure activities in this city.

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

The Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is the most popular one in the city. This beach is actually manmade and was created in 1988 along the Kolabi Creek line. The designers of the beach created a serene environment for tourists. Visitors to the beach can enjoy the white sands and waves. They can have a picnic on the sand and then take a walk through the hiking trails. The local government has worked hard to preserve the area as an increasing number of visitors come to Tourist Beach each year. One of the big attractions of this beach is that it is right on the edge of the city. After a day at Tourist Beach, the weary traveler can have dinner at one of Port Harcourt's wonderful restaurants and enjoy the local nightlife.

Ifoko Beach

Ifoko Beach is another popular spot by Port Harcourt. Unlike the Tourist Beach, this one is not manmade. One of the best beaches in the area, it is well maintained by the local residents. The local fishermen depend on the sea for their livelihood. The rainforest borders the shoreline. Tourists can enjoy freshly caught seafood from any of the local restaurants. After a pleasant lunch, the visitor can take a walk along the shore and enjoy the exotic scenery. It is not uncommon to catch sight of a whale when walking down the shoreline. Visitors can also take advantage of the nature trails to see the wildlife living in the rainforest. 

Private Beaches

There are a number of the private beaches surrounding Port Harcourt. They are part of the growing resort industry of the city. People looking for privacy and quiet time can find it at a private beach, like Yowiks Beach near Kono. These resort beaches are popular among honeymooners looking for the enjoyment of a beach and the privacy of a hotel. These resorts are typically inhabited by expatriates and tend to have more western style accommodations. 

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