7 Day Itinerary in Port Harcourt

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It's a good idea to make a Port Harcourt Itinerary so that you get a sense of direction for what you can do here on your vacation. This itinerary covers seven days and focuses on a specific place or event each day. There are quite a number of places to go, especially for sight-seeing tours, so with a little guidance you can surely make the most out of your time visiting Port Harcourt.

Day 1

To begin your visit you will be taking a tour of the city to get a feel for what this magnificent place is all about. The nickname "the garden city" is given to this quickly growing metropolis city because of the beautiful way the city is laid out. Amidst the tall buildings are finely groomed parks and other places of leisure. You will see for yourself the amazing balance of architecture and flora in the city.

Day 2

Just a short ride north of Port Harcourt is the Finima Nature Park. This unique eco- park has several very distinct environments. You can take a ferry to view the rain forest and all its flora and fauna. But just around the river bend, the scene changes to mangrove swamps, and later, quickly changes to freshwater ponds. It is a treat to go sight-seeing here, especially if you're a nature lover.

Day 3

The city of Port Harcourt has an excellent public beach where you can relax and have some fun in the sun. You can see that the folks on the beach range from local Nigerians to bigtime oil CEOs. The surf here is the main attraction that the city offers tourists. You will find the water is quite invigorating and soothing, with a pleasant water temperature and unique texture on the skin. 

Day 4

Today you will finish touring the parts of the city that you missed on day one. Included in this tour will be the River State Museum Secretariat Complex, which is the greatest building in the city. Here you can understand how quickly Port Harcourt has become a metropolis city, and the pride this status gives its residents. Next will be the National Museum. This building houses a large number of traditional Nigerian relics, primarily from the nineteenth century. It also has bronze figures and clay works from Nigeria’s pre-colonial times.

Day 5  

The ferry ride to Bonny Island is a must-do activity while you are here. You get to cruise up the famous Bonny River, make sure you get a close look at the tropical environment of the Port Harcourt area. While you are traveling, gaze intently past the shore: there are still old shrines and other pieces of evidence hidden in the foliage that reveal the Nigerian culture of past eras.

Day 6

Another beautiful section of the Port Harcourt-River State terrain are the Agbokim falls. Like all the other nature trips, the ride getting here is a blessing in itself--but to views these falls is a breathtaking experience. There are walkways all around, and you can trek to many different angles to view them. This place is great for those who love to hiking trails.

Day 7

A trip to Lagos city will round out your itinerary. Lagos is another metropolis fairly close to Port Harcourt. The most enjoyable mode of transportation there is by ferry. There are some large shopping malls in the center of the city where you can buy merchandise. A number of restaurants serve all kinds of international and native cuisine for you to enjoy. Lekki is a popular beach here in Lagos that you may want to check out. There is also a National Museum and a huge zoo you might want to see.      

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