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Gurara Waterfalls Minna

Gurara Waterfalls Minna

Usman Aliyu

Minna is a railway town located very much in the center of Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world. The city is walled by granite hills to the east and to the north. The south and the western parts of the town extend on a lowly plain that reaches down to the Niger river valley.

Minna has a University of Technology, with many foreing national students and teachers. There are other higher colleges of education in the town.

The weather is generally moderate, with lows of 24 degrees C. and highs of 30 in the dry season, just around April.

The vegetation is tall grassland, with very much woody areas close to river valleys. The town is close to the largest hydro-electric generation plant in Nigeria, Shiroro. There is a large artificial lake which is attractive and a source of fishing for the inhabitants. 

Historically, Minna was a railway construction labour camp, which deveoped into a cosmopolitan city within a hundred years. Its first governiing council, with Malam Muazu as secrtary, was established in 1908.

The city has a highly mixed population, representing the cultural diversity of Nigeria. These people include the Hausas, Gwabyi, Nupe, Fulani, Ibo, Yoruba, Kamuku, Dakarkari, Kanuri, Tiv and many others.

It has such interesting activities as Sallah day festivals, Christian celebrations and cultural festivals. There are also literary activities almost daily. One of its resident novelists is Usman Balarabe Aliyu. he has written books that well desbribe the physical features of Minna and the life experience of its people, in such stories as Gone Missing, Eye for Order, A Widow's dew and Beyond Guilt.  

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