When to Go in Lagos

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In Lagos, when to go really depends on your preferences of weather conditions and climates. Lagos is home to a tropical savanna climate, as is the rest of southern Nigeria. This city has both a rainy season and a dry season, and temperatures vary slightly throughout the year. Read on the learn more about the weather and climate to expect while visiting Lagos.

Tropical Savanna Climate in Lagos

Because Lagos has a tropical savanna climate, there are 2 different rainy seasons. The heavy rain season is between April and July, and the milder rain season occurs from October to November. A very brief dry season occurs in August and September, and a long dry spell occurs from December to March.

The rainfall between May and July averages over 300 mm, while the average rainfall in August and September is only 75 mm. In the month of January, the average rainfall is only 35 mm. The long dry season is followed by harmattan winds coming from the Sahara Desert, which are the most intense during the months from December to February.

Temperatures in Lagos

Temperatues in Lagos do not vary greatly. March is generally the hottest month in Lagos, with an average temperature reaching 29 degrees C. July is usually the coolest month, averaging 25 degrees C. The average temperature in January is 27 degrees C. Temperatures in Lagos rarely get colder than 20 degrees C, and rarely get hotter than 30 degrees C.

When to Go to Lagos

Since temperatures in Lagos are not that varied throughout the year, visitors may want to consider the rainy and dry seasons when choosing when to visit Lagos. If the traveler prefers moist weather and rainfall over dry weather, he or she will want to visit in the rainy seasons. The months of April, May, June, July, October and November are considered the rainy months. If the traveler prefers dry weather instead of rain, he or she will want to visit in the dry seasons, which are in the months of August, September, December, January, February and March.

What to Wear in Lagos

If you are traveling to Lagos during the rainy season, rain gear is a must. You will want to wear lightweight clothing, but have the proper rain protection on hand, as well. if you are traveling during the dry season, rain gear will not be necessary, and you will want to wear very lightweight clothing, as it can be quite hot during this time.


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