Top 5 Must Do's in Lagos

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Following are some Lagos must do’s when visiting this Nigerian city. It highlights some of the most important places which tourist must visit.

1. Synagogue Church of All Nations

This is probably the most famous attraction in Lagos and tourists must visit it on their trip here. Visitors from everywhere are welcome to the Synagogue Church of all Nations. However, you may have to make arrangements prior to your visit. Most people who visit this attraction stay here for a few days to attend services and pray. Visitors are often inspired by the practical teachings presented by TB Joshua. A visit to the Synagogue Church of all Nations also offers visitors the chance to witness healing, fairly accurate prophetic messages and an atmosphere of giving, love and faith.

2. Black Heritage Museum

Another place tourists must visit is the Black Heritage Museum in Lagos. Located at Badagry, this museum was partly founded by a Nigerian cultural commission. This museum has preserved records and artifacts from the slave route that ran through Badagry once upon a time. The Black Heritage Museum has about nine galleries which display dated shackles, photos, documents, sketches and sculptures that span the 300 years during which African people were traded like goods.

3. Niteshift Coliseum

First opened in 1988, the Niteshift Coliseum is a popular attraction among locals and visitors. Situated in Opebi valley, the heart of Ikeja, this is a must-visit attraction for tourists. The Niteshift Coliseum is a mix of a dance club and bar which is a wonderful response to cultural needs of the people. The Coliseum consists of The Dacha, The Arena, The Baby Coliseum and The Summit. It’s a multi-purpose meeting point which is decorated with panache and class. The Niteshift Coliseum has an irresistible ambience, good drinks, ideal service and reasonable prices make it ideal for top politicians and CEOs.

4. Iga Idungaran

Tourists should make it a point to visit Iga Idungaran, the Oba’s palace. Located to the North of Lagos Island, on Upper King Street, this magnificent building dates back to 300 years ago. Iga Idungaran is one of the most important historical sites in Lagos and is the official residence for the Oba of Lagos. An important part of the structure was built by the Portuguese in 1705. The building has been expanded and renovated in stages to keep it in good condition. Tourists who want to explore the palace can ask the Secretary of the Oba of Lagos for permission.

5. Water House

Another attraction that tourists must visit is Water House, which is a wonderful example of Brazilian architecture. Located at 12 Kakawa Street , it is one of the oldest of its kinds in the city. The construction of the house was started by Joa Esan Da Rocha, who was one of the first people who began to free slaves brought in from Brazil. The name came about after the owner of the house started selling proper drinking water to residents around the area. Though the building is currently being used for residential and commercial purposes, it is also a National Monument.

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