Things to do in Lagos

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Lagos things to do offers something for everyone in the family. Visit the museum to learn the culture and travel back in time in Lagos. Explore nature in the flora and fauna of the Conservation Center. Take the kids to Funtopia and relax at the pool for a family day of fun. Lagos has different things to do each day for enjoyable activities for any tourist.

National Museum

Lagos Island houses the National Museum for tourists to journey through time to see Lagos’ heritage. Relics and treasures are kept safe in the museum to display the culture of this city. Exhibits include the Treasures of Ancient Nigeria for the past two thousand years worth of treasures to view. Included in the collection is the Mercedes that Murtala Mohammed, the former president that was assassinated during 1973. Crafts and brass are among the local articles of artistry on display and nearby for souvenirs.

Lekki Conservation Center

The Lekki Peninsula has the region’s most delicate ecosystems. The Conservation Center houses Mona monkeys, Maxwell Duikers, crocodiles and many other animals and creatures of the area. Walk along the trails and platforms situated in the trees to see the beautiful expanse of greenery in the center. Visiting the center in the morning, tourists see the animals at their liveliest.

Sungbo’s Eredo

About an hour North of Lagos is the construction from pre-colonial days that is rated to be a spectacular wonder. One hundred miles long and 70 feet high, the Eredo is an over 1000 years old rampart. This system of walls has forests ever present along it. Hire a guide to visit the area where the construction of these walls moved more dirt than the Great Pyramids at Giza.

Lekki Market

Visit the colorful Lekki Market to purchase the local Nigerian cloth and beadwork. Located on Victoria Island, stock up on food and other selections from the local market to take back home. Drive a hard bargain by talking the locals down on price.


Visit the best Lagos entertainment park for all ages, known as Funtopia. Water slides and pools connect to offer an all day experience of fun. Games and arcades are located at the park along with billiards and other activities. Adults can enjoy a bar in the pool while the kids splash in the water.

The cost is less than $15 per person and also has a baby pool for kids under age 6.

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