Sights in Lagos

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There are plenty of Lagos sights, some dating back thousands of years, for the traveler to enjoy. There are both natural and cultural wonders to see in this part of the world, where even the most experienced and critical traveler will not be disappointed.

Historical Sites

Arguably Lagos' premier historical attraction is the old Customs House, where slaves were auctioned in the 15th century. It is a wonderfully preserved example of colonial-era architectural design. Nearby is the Praca Gil Eanes, a large sqaure within which is situated the famous 1973 statue of King Sebastiao who set off from Nigeria in a bid to conquer North Africa. On the eastern fringe of the square is the famous town hall, also a rather beautiful monument and one of the standout Lagos sights.

Victory Island

This is Lagos's main commercial district, which, while home to uninspiring places such as banks and multinational corporations, does also offer interesting local arts and crafts. Some of these artifacts are several hundreds of years old, and really worth purchasing if you are into Nigerian culture. This is also a great place to purchase precious rocks like sapphires.

Lekki Conservation Park

Very much off the beaten track, it takes some tourists several visits to Lagos before they find this gem of a place. It features a small savannah and a quite stunning range of animals such as crocodiles and zebras. You can roam for miles and miles across bushes and over wooden bridges and really get a sense of the African rural scene. It is extremely peaceful and makes a great break from the noise and pollution of Lagos proper. Lekki Conservation Park is without a doubt one of the best Lagos sights available.

Marine Attractions

The word "lagos" means "lakes" in Portuguese, so it's no wonder that much of this city's appeal is derived from its close proximity to water. Lagos Lagoon is an enormous sea mass measuring about 4 kilometres wide. It is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, and its banks are very moist. The enormous Lagos Harbour is also a great example of Lagos sights, and is situated in the centre of the aforementioned lagoon. Because its waters are extremely shallow, tourists do not get to see many ships in this area. However, you will get to see plenty of smaller skiffs and barges. The Harbour's impressive appearance is supplemented by its impressive purpose: helping to drain the Lagoon into the ocean.


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