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Internet Cafe Packages 11 FAIRLY NEW OR NEW CPU, MONITOR, KEYBOARD, AND MOUSE SOFTWARE FOR BOTH SERVER AND CLIENT SYSTEMS 1 HP 3 IN 1 COLOUR PRINTER 1 HP LASERJET BLACK AND WHITE PRINTER 1 INVERTER 2000 RADIANT 2 100/200 AMPS INVERTER BATTERY 1 STABILIZER 5KVA ISP, NETWORKING AND MATERIALS CHAIRS AND TABLE RACKET FOR NETWORKING ELECTRONIC MATERIALS GENERATOR WALL FANS AIR CONDITION SHOP IN AN IDEAL LOCATION Service condition If you want us to send you a quotation:  VALIDITY: 30 days from the date of this quote  Six Months warranty on all our products  80% Cash before delivery  Full payment after/before 5 Days of finishing While waiting for your order we assure you of excellent services and professionalism Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our quote. Thanks

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