Practical Information in Lagos

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Lagos practical information will be very helpful for all those people who are planning to visit the exciting city, Lagos. Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria, is situated in south – western Nigeria. It is the economic and financial center of Nigeria as most of the economic and financial activities are concentrated here. Hotels of Lagos city offer varying quality of services and at the different prices. The best time to visit Lagos is from December to March.  

Population and Currency

The population of Metropolitan Lagos is 7,937,932 as per the 2006 census. Lagos is the second most populous city of Africa. The Currency here used is Naira (NGN). It is divided into 100 kobo.  

Culture and Language

The people of Lagos city are art lovers. Lagos is known for its different style of music throughout Africa. Nigeria’s movie industry which is known as Nollywood, is also situated here. Football is the most favorite sport in Lagos. There are various sports clubs. The standard of living in Lagos is higher than any other city of Nigeria. It is the most prosperous city of Nigeria. Most financial and commercial business is held here. Yoruba and some other local languages are spoken here but the official language is English. However, the minority group speaks in Egun here.  

Places to Visit

There are plenty of beautiful places, resorts, markets, theatres and museums to visit. The National Museum is situated in the centre of the city. It contains the art and cultural relics of ancient Nigeria. Eleko beach is very popular and you can relax on its clean beach. Nature lovers can visit the Lekki conservation centre and experience the fauna and flora of this region. The museums and art galleries situated here, offer opportunity to learn more and more about the culture and history of Nigeria. To have a great shopping experience you should visit the Lekki market where you can find the West African art and handicrafts at affordable prices. Victoria Island, the central mosque, Glover memorial hall, Tinubu square, Oba palace, etc. are the other attractions of Lagos city.  


Visitors are required to obtain a visa to visit Lagos City. However, it is not required for some of the neighboring African country citizens. The documents, return ticket, funds are required to apply for the visa. For business visa, you need to have a letter of invitation and verification from the Nigerian representative. It should describe the reason of travel.  

Safety Tips

Pick pocketing, robberies, theft and other types of crimes do occur regularly in Lagos with tourists. So it is recommended not to visit isolated and unfamiliar places after dark. Visitors are not advised to use credit cards because credit card fraud is a major problem in Nigeria. Tourists should always be vigilant and cautious while visiting any foreign country.

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