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Visiting Lagos Museums is an ideal way to understand the history of Nigeria. Lagos museums have lots to offer since Lagos was ruled by various colonial powers and military dictators. Lagos is also counted among the epicenters of African culture. Some of the most popular museums in Lagos include:

National Museum

The National Museum is popular because of its collections of rare Nigerian arts and carvings. Some of these carvings date back to the pre-historic period and have been often researched as a part of African studies. The museum’s most prized possessions are the terra-cotta and bronze creations and ivory-bronze sculptures. Many of the artifacts here were produced during the reign of the Benin kings. The museum arranges special trips to artistic exhibits like the ‘Treasures of Ancient Nigeria’ and the ‘Legacy of Two Thousand Years.'

Location: the museum is easy-to-find being a landmark in Lagos. It is located in the central part of the city, near the Lagos Island, at Awolowo Road.

Nike Art Centre

This is perhaps the most authoritative resource on traditional African arts and crafts in Nigeria. Some of the exhibits are several hundred years old and explain how some African crafts have merged into contemporary, European fashion. One section is dedicated towards explaining how native inks and stains eventually made their way into the western world as fabric dyes. A small part of the centre explores the stone-carving techniques used by ancient, African tribesmen. The most popular section displays the beadworks of the native craftsmen along with showcasing various embroidered and metalwork creations. Visitors can also try to weave a fabric in the traditional manner or learn the basics of tribal, African drumming.

Location: 2 Elegushi Road, Lekki Phase-1 Peninsula, near the second turn of Epe Expressway, Lekki Lagos

NGA Exhibits

The NGA or the National Gallery of Art in Nigeria has been at the forefront of preserving and displaying the best of Nigeria’s native art-forms. This forum has been supported by the UNESCO and is now a part of the prestigious, WDCD (World Decade for Cultural Development). As a part of its many exhibitions that are held throughout Nigeria, it holds some of its weekly specials at the National Gallery of Modern Art. Along with the cultural and artistic displays, the exhibitions also give an insight into the colonial, post-colonial generals and military rulers who ruled Nigeria.

Location: National Theatre, Surelere, Lagos. The NGA exhibition occupies a small part of the theatre’s premises. Visitors need to inquire about the NGA exhibitions.

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