History in Lagos

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Pre colonial


Lagos was settled at various times by hunters and fishermen from the Àwórì sub-nationality. Originally based in Iseri on the Ògùn River about 20 miles from the island. They also grew vegetables, especially pepper, on a site where Iga Ìdúngànràn, the palace or official residence of the Oba of Lagos now stands. Iga Ìdúngànràn is an Àwórì term meaning house on pepper farm. The palace is thus not only an important symbol of the historical traditions of Lagos; its name also helps keep alive the site's association with vegetable farming by more..

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Present-day Lagos is a modern state in South-Western Nigeria. Lagos history is something historians and fellow Nigerians find fascinating. Lagos geography is equally enchanting, covering a physical area of 3,577 square kilometers, of which one-fifth comprises quaint creeks and serene lagoons. Lagos is linked to the widely acclaimed Portuguese Age of Discovery of the 14th-15th century.

Geographical Contribution

It was in Lagos that Henry the Navigator built the ships for his exploratory voyages along the West African coast. This more..

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