Getting Around in Lagos

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Lagos transportation offers many ways to go to destinations around Lagos. Car transport is the best option while ferry transport provides travel to some places not accessible by cars. Public transport is one of the cheapest possibilities to take. The rail system in Lagos has the future opportunity to offer public transport for a reasonable price to many major areas in Lagos.

Car Transport

This is by far the best option for transportation in Lagos. The highways in Lagos are mostly well kept. There are some with pot holes but the expressways to the main attractions tend to be in good condition. Rent a car at the local rental places or hire a driver for the length of stay. If driving by self, an International Driving License is required to drive in Lagos. If renting a driver, be sure to negotiate a fee for a set number of hours or by hour.

Public Transport

Bush taxis are popular for transportation in Lagos. They accommodate up to six people and are reasonable in price. The bus line runs through eight routes with expansion to others in the future. Locals use the bus transports daily to arrive at locations throughout Lagos.

Motorbike taxis also exist for transportation and are cheap. The problem is that many of these are unlicensed drivers and possibly uninsured as well. This is not the best method for transportation.

Boat Transport

Some boat and ferry transports are available to cart passengers to lesser known places in Lagos. Ferries are the most popular that run some regular routes from Lagos to the mainland. Boat transport is available for ocean fishing and sports activities and rentals.

Lagos Light Rail

The rail system is in construction with plans of being completed in 2012. If visiting Lagos by that time, the rail system offers station stops across Lagos. Running a total of 22 miles, the rail station plans to stop at major locations and attractions within Lagos.


Lagos has an international airport for travel between major cities in the United States and Europe. Car rentals include Avis, Planet Car and Hertz. Plan to rent ahead of time or rent when arriving into Lagos. Taxis are located outside for hotel or resort transport. Negotiate fees before taking off in a taxi from the airport. Some hotels and resorts may offer transportation from the airport to the hotel. Be sure to check on this with the hotel while booking.

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Public Transport

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Public transport is virtually the only means for locals to get around. the majority not being able to afford a car. Considering 15 million people still try to get round the city. Still can mean 2 hours getting to/from work.

In order of cheapness.

Okada's  (motorbikes)

N20 ish for a ride. Most of the drivers must be drunk or high on something. Cheap, plentiful but risky.

Yellow buses

Old VW transporters never die. They are shipped to lagos, painted yellow with two blue stripes and put to work transport more..

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