Festivals in Lagos

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Lagos festivals offer a bit of culture for travelers to this region in Nigeria. Festivals vary in offerings each year and may be held in different months from the previous year. The Lagos festivals provide entertainment of dance and song to add excitement to travel during a stay in Nigeria. Plan the trip around a festival to learn more about the Nigerian people, culture and be entertained by their traditions.

Eyo Festival

The Eyo Festival is one of the Lagos festivals that is well known. With origins from 1750, this festival has masquerades of performers in white robes and dancers. The attraction is held in the Tafawa Belewa Square and has thousands of attendees each year.

The week of the carnival has different colors of performers from the eyo groups that are seen with a staff. Once the senior eyo member is seen in public during a Sunday in April, the rest follow over the week signaling that the festival will take place on the next Saturday. This festival sometimes takes place in February or other months.

Yoruba Arts Festival

This World Festival of Yoruba Arts and Culture happens each April in Lagos. Promotion of art and culture from the Yoruba people is the base of the festival. Performers entertain the crowds while artists display their things in exhibitions.

Lagos International Jazz Festival

Enjoy local and international jazz musicians for this festival in Lagos. Held in varying months each year, the jazz fest sees about 20 different bands. Workshops and master classes are available for attendance. Exhibitions display photography and local artists. Relish local food while listening to the music.

Lagos Black Heritage Festival

The Lagos Black Heritage Festival takes place in April. Carnival processions stroll through the street in remembrance of the African slave trade story. Dance performances are given to animate the story over seven days of festivity. Art exhibitions and films are presented to retell the tales.

Many visitors attend the festival each year. The tradition and modern styles of performance are given to provide visitors with a unique cultural experience in Lagos.

Lagos International Film Festival

The film festival takes place in the month of August.

International Film festival (EKOIFF), July 7-12, 2010.

http://www.ekoiff.com/presentation.htm Eko International Film Festival(™) is conceived for the appreciation and promotion of motion picture arts and sciences in Lagos state and to promote tourism. Eko International Film Festival has become the first Nigerian film festival announced on the calendar of the Film festivals World on http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/member/profile/id/Frontpage/ and on the largest network of Film festivals on . http://www.filmfestivals.com/bulletin/10/jan/ekoiff.shtml and highlighted on http://africanguide.co.uk/?p=39. Eko International Film festival is already attracting the interest of many filmmakers from different countries in the world. The main categories of EKOIFF: Fiction Comedy Drama Horror Documentaries Student Film 1 minute short films.

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