Budget Travel Ideas in Lagos

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Are you on a shoe-string budget? As the largest city in Africa, Lagos, Nigeria offers many “on the cheap” activities. Your best bet for getting around is on the local bus. Or you can barter with the taxi drivers. Keep in mind that credit cards are rarely accepted in this country, and that safety is a must.  Here are top five activities ranging from “free” to “20” (excluding transportation). Before your trip, do a World66 or Google search to get the latest deals and read up on the safety of the area.

Lagos National Museum

Your first stop is the Lagos National Museum, a must-see for all travelers. Galleries range from the brasses of Benin City to the Nork Terracottas. Another gallery features carved ivory and crowns, symbols of power in local tribes. Another, unfortunate, symbol of power is the 1976 bullet-riddled car ridden in which Murtala Mohammed was killed.  You can purchase, for a fixed price, small woodcarvings and other local handicrafts. They gift shop might also give a demonstration of adire, cloth-making from Abeokuta. No cameras allowed. Free entry.   

Lagos Beaches

Lagos is known for an abundance of beautiful beaches, such as the Eko Tourist Beach and Tarkwa Bay.

Located at Akodo, near Lekki Peninsual and Epe Expressway, Eleko Tourist Beach is relatively quite and perfect for the traveler who wants downtime to read or write. Beach stands feature soft drinks and snacks. You will have to haggle for the transportation cost – maybe US $20 round trip. The beach entrance free is $7USD.

Tarkwa Bay is only 6km from the city center of Lagos, and accessible by boat only for about $5USD. Your best bet if you want to stay close to the city, if you want more dining options, and if you don’t mind the crowds. No entrance fee.

Lekki Market – Discounted Shopping! 

You can’t spend time in Lagos without meandering through Lekki Market, a colorful market located in the city center of Nigeria’s capital. Go during the weekdays for the best bargain on beads, artwork, small paintings, and fresh fruits and vegetables (although bread is always at a fixed price). This is reputably the cheapest of all the local markets.

NiteShift Coliseum

Described as a “safe, elitist watering hole,” the NiteShift Coliseum features – most nights -- local activities, wild ceremonies, dancing performances, and other events. Catch a glimpse of Nigerian CEOs and top politicians.  DJ music system, bar snacks, and excellent drinks all for under $10USD. As in other places in Lagos, be sure and you’re your money on you at all times.

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