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Lagos is rapidly becoming the traveller's destination of choice in Africa. Aside from its extraordinary cultural and historical offerings, one can have an excellent time out and about in its bars, restaurants and Lagos nightlife.

Start at the Square

There's no better place to begin your entertainment in Lagos than to head for the main square where there is always something fun and free going on. Whether you watch painters at work or magicians doing tricks or listen to street musicians performing traditional Nigerian music, this kind of nightlife is pretty unique and fun. You can also entertain yourself with a bit of night shopping as most of the shops do not close until 10pm at the earliest. The most fun places to spend your cash are the 'Supermacardos' supermarkets where you can just browse and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Plum Sports Cafe

If you want to get to the nitty gritty of Lagos nightlife then you should hit some bars and cafes. One of the best is Plum Sports Cafe where you can bring your whole family or a big group of mates. There are plenty of TV screens upon which you can watch sporting events. There are also computer games for the kids, poker games and pool tables. The food is an excellent variation on Mexican cuisine and the overall ambience is relaxed.

Live Music at Acores

If you want to hear live reggae bands as well as a DJ playing classic artists such as Byron Lee, Third World, Sizzle and Buju Bamton then look no further than this shining example of Lagos nighlife. There are also great deals on cocktails with a buy 3 get 4 deal on caipirinhas. Make sure you enjoy these responsibly.

Move That Body at Von Vivant

If you want to stay up a little bit later and strut your funky stuff on three different dance floors then you could do worse than come to Von Vivant, Lagos' premier nightclub. It shuts at a decadently late time of 4 am and drinks cost around 1.5 Euros. Many travellers cite this as the best place in town for a dance.

Best Karaoke in Lagos

If you fancy yourself as the next Frank Sinatra then there'll be no more fun a place to go thanthe oddly-named Irish Rover which uses the Sunfly system which apparently makes every singer sound really good. There are thousands of songs you can choose from and this venue is a must for anyone who samples Lagos nightlife.

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