Beaches in Lagos

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Lagos beaches are a strong attraction to this region in Nigeria. White sand and clear, turquoise water make up these quiet expanses along the coastline. Lagos has over ten beaches to choose from when visiting this popular tourist spot.

Bar Beach

By far the most popular, this beach is located on Victoria Island. Known for its sand bars, this beach extends from the west by the Institute of Oceanography all the way to Eko Hotel toward the east. Many activities are available for sports enthusiasts including horse back riding, swimming and football among other popular beach sports.

Coconut Beach

Just west of Lagos is the town of Badagry. Badagry features Coconut Beach, appropriately named for the coconut trees that surround the beach. Holiday resorts are nearby for refreshments while visiting the beach. Enjoy the tropical sun and take in the ambiance of the environment at Coconut Beach.

Akodo Beach

This modern beach is a favorite among tourists to Lagos beaches. Modern facilities and equipment line the beach. Members of all ages enjoy the rides and amusement at the local parks. A swimming beach is also a popular spot along this beach to take a dip in the sea. Chalets are also prevalent at the Akodo Beach.

The ambiance completes the scene for any tourist from the white sand beach and rippling waves that lap the shoreline. Palm trees stand overhead and provide the ultimate relaxation for any beach person.

Eleko Beach

One of the most serene and clean beaches in Lagos, the Kaiyetoro-Eleko beach is well visited during the year. Popular with local families, Eleko Beach offers sporting activities for everyone. The atmosphere is relaxed and rejuvenating for beach combers of all types.

Takwa Bay

Exclusive and located across the harbor of Lagos, this beach can be accessed by boat. Swimming is popular at this beach with quiet, serene waters. Surfing and water skiing take place also. Rental tents and chairs are available for tourists to Takwa Bay. The serenity is complete with breezes that blow through the harbor.

Kuramo Waters

This beach is known as being similar to the Bar Beach since it gets the name from a feature that is on its border. The Kuramo Lake borders the beach and is known for the many different restaurants that are along the area. Entertainment is available many times of the week and features different shows including music and jamborees.

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