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Kajuru Castle, the only German Castle in Nigeria!

Kajuru Castle, the only German Castle in Nigeria!

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Kaduna (Kada meaning crocodile, hence Kaduna - City of Crocodiles) used to be the colonial and immediate post independence capital of Northern Nigeria. It is situated on the Kaduna River and has a cool temperate weather. It has an airport, railway station and is an important junction with roads branching in five (5) different directions. It is also a major commercial and industrial base in the North. It is now the capital of Kaduna State.

Although Kaduna is quite a nice place it does not have many sights you should visit. There are a few things to do however. For instance, the "General Usman Katsina Gate", known locally as Kofar Gamji, or Gamji Gate. Gamji Gate was once a great park known by the River Kaduna that cuts through its serene and simple landscape and crocodiles of course. The Park, has bars and restaurants, a swimming pool, and a Zoo, with camel rides. the Park is at times during the year the venue for open air pop concerts.

Trappco Resort situated close to Kaduna International Airport offers chalet  accomodation, boating and sailing on the lake, and a zoo.

The restaurant bar and swimming pool facitiies are excellent.

Kaduna is an excellent base for visiting the nearby town of Zaria. The old city of Zaria was once home to great warriors on horse back and still stands till today. Driving through Zaria, towards Jos in Plateau state, one passes through Maraba, known for its pottery. All in all, Kaduna is a nice stop on your way north to Kano} or south to Abuja and North East to Jos.

Zaria, home to Ahmadu Bello University, is quite historical.


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