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Ife are people living in Ile-Ife. Ile-Ife is the home town of the Ife. The Ile-Ife are times is refered to as Ife. Ile-Ife is believed to be cradle of Yoruba (among most Yorubas). Another prominent feature that history and prosterity will never forget is incensant fightings between Ifes and Modakeke. Particulary whenever one talks about any Olubuse reign in Ile-Ife. The mark and torch of the wars between Ifes and Modakekes has become indelible in Ile-Ife and may live to be there for ever untill when people of the same blood learn to accommodate each other, love not to cheat each other. Our prayer is that may Ile-Ife know peace, may Modakeke know peace, may there come to end, cheating among people of the same blood. Amen.
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