Top 5 Must Do's in Ibadan

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When visiting Ibadan it is important to remember that it is a sprawling city, with many things to see. Make sure you have easy access to transportation or it will be easy to get lost and worn out as you visit all of the Ibadan Must do's .

1. The IITA Hotel and Resort

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture has a hotel, nature park and 18-hole golf course for tourists on its grounds. The tropical forest nature park covers more than 300 hectares, providing a home to hundreds of rare and endangered migrating birds and small animals. A large lake can be used by anglers, providing dozens of unique fish. A guide is available for park tours and fishing help. Definitely an Ibadan must do for nature lovers. The golf course is another feature of the IITA. Following the natural contours of the land it forces even the most professional golfer to focus on their game.

2. University of Ibadan

This is the leading university in Africa. Most visitors to Ibadan place a visit there on the must do list. Located in the north end of the city, it has many tourist attractions. The Ibadan Museum is in the Institute of African Studies. It's dedicated to African studies, exhibiting bronze carvings, statues and other African artifacts. Open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 3:30pm, it's great for families.
The Ibadan Zoological Garden is also on campus, showcasing hundreds of plants and some animals for visitors.

3. Bower Memorial Tower

As the highest monument in Ibadan, it is visible everywhere in the city. Entering the tower provides the best view of Ibadan possible.  Raised in honour of British Captain Robert Bower, who was greatly respected as the Resident and Traveling Commissioner for the area, it is well maintained and accessible during the day all week long.

4. Dugbe Market

With more than 200 stalls, this carefully controlled market makes buying food, traditional medicine, clothes and hundreds of other items fun and easy. Each line of stalls sells a different commodity, allowing visitors to find things quickly. The smells of cooking food and spices and the noise of bargaining can be overwhelming for the inexperienced, but the foods and colourful items make this an Ibadan must do.

5. Cocoa House

The first skyscraper built in Africa, it is a distinctive feature of Ibadan's financial and nightlife scene. There are several restaurants and nightclubs throughout the building. The Cocoa Dome restaurant serves American and European cuisine is one of the best known.

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