Senior Travel in Ibadan

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This Ibadan senior travel guide includes tips for seniors who may choose to visit this city in Nigeria. Senior citizens planning to visit the sprawling city of Ibadan should be ready to endure some discomfort. Visits during rainy season are not advisable as roads are in their worst state and several airborne and waterborne diseases may infect them.  

Special Precautions

Senior travelers should undergo vaccination before visiting Ibadan or any part of Nigeria. Vaccines can include hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, polio and tetanus. Malarial preventive drugs should also be taken. Senior travelers should be fit and healthy. If you are a senior wanting to travel to this country, then you must have the clearance of your doctor, especially if you have a debilitating illness. Staying in a hotel near the airport would save you travel time and added stress. The Kakanfo hotel is only 75 miles from the Muhammad Airport, so it can accord you more resting time before each travel.

Other Pointers

You can visit popular places like Agodi, where you can find the exotic botanical garden. You can also tour the zoological garden in the University of Ibadan which is a class all its own. Observe incredible flora and fauna in these two gardens. It will not be as tiring as going on a hiking tour, but if you have the stamina, then you can take a trek and savor Mother Nature around you. During your trips, drink only bottled water to be safe. Make sure the food that you eat has been cooked thoroughly. Prevention is still better than cure.

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