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Alibag nightlife is limited to a very small amount of activities, as Alibag is a quiet beach town of 20,000 residents located just a few hours south of the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Just because there aren't truck-loads of tourists bar-hopping through the downtown, however, doesn't mean that Alibag can't provide a nice, relaxing evening for visitors.


Alibag is considered the "mini-Goa" of the region, named after the world-renowned beach paradise some 600 km to the south. Beaches are one of the main draws of Alibag, and they can surely provide just as much relaxation and enjoyment in the evening as in the daylight. Alibag beach is the main beach in town, though dozens of other beaches stretch for many kilometers to the north and south (the most popular being Kihim and Nagaon beaches approximately 10 km outside of town). Bring a picnic dinner and lawn chairs to enjoy the sunset over the warm Indian waters with a loved one, or gather a group for some ocean-side ghost stories and enjoy the evening outside the club.

Restaurants and Resorts

Aided by the purchase of summer beach homes by many prominent Indian movie stars and social lights, the popularity of Alibag has increased in recent years and tourist commerce has appropriately followed. Restaurants, hotels and resorts--while not extremely prominent--are formidable gathering spots for tourist and visitors during the evening.

Enjoy two restaurants (serving Indian and Mediterranean cuisine) for dinner at the Radisson Hotel and Spa and then proceed to partake in cigars and wine at the poolside bar and piano lounge. With a 5-star rating, the Radisson is a great place to stop for an enjoyable evening, even if your accommodation budget isn't able to keep you there all night.

For a less expensive night out, the Big Splash hotel (named for the colorful water slides that guests can enjoy during the day) has a multi-cuisine restaurant that's good for dinner and a 24-hour coffee shop cafe that's great for late night snacks. They also have a pool table if you're feeling game for some light competition to rile up your beach town excursion.

Another beach resort to spend a lazy evening is the Golden Swan Beach Resort, which offers a versatile restaurant and direct access to adjacent Mudra Beach, where you can enjoy nature and the ocean within arms reach of a full-service hotel.

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