History in Ibadan

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Discover Nigeria's Past through Ibadan History

Ibadan history provides an engaging tale of commercial rise against the backdrop of colonial regimes and a long-fought battle for independence. Located in the southern part of Nigeria, Ibadan is the state capital of Oyo.

Early Ibadan History

Ibadan is largely regarded to have the highest concentration of indigenous Africans in Nigeria. Some of its residents trace their roots back to the first ever inhabitants of Saharan Africa. Ibadan was the administrative center for the early tribal kingdoms prevalent in western Africa. The city’s importance continued under varying colonial regimes.

Ibadan’s Historical Landmarks

Ibadan is located near a prominent transit route that controls ships headed towards ports along the central-western African coastline. This is why Ibadan often bore the brunt of pirate attacks. To protect its residents, huge walls were constructed. Some of these walls are still standing along the outskirts of the city.

Ibadan History: Yoruba and Colonial Regime

Ibadan started to develop its unique identify when the Yoruba rebels settled here during the latter part of 18th century. During 1829, a large part of Ibadan was temporarily occupied by the combined forces of some ethnic groups. The Yoruba warriors used Ibadan as a base for their military operation directed against the British colonial forces. However, this also sparked some friction with the rival Fulani warriors. Around 1893, Ibadan was converted into a British administrative unit used for overseeing neighboring Nigerian provinces. The colonization of Ibadan helped to increase its prominence as a major commercial center in Africa.

Post-independence Ibadan History

Even after the independence of Nigeria, Ibadan has always garnered attention. It has served as the capital of Southern Nigeria and Western Region, divisions that existed in Nigeria before the development of demarcated states.

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pramod soren

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The founder of Ibadan,after whom the city got its name is Mguhake Ibadan Soren who is also my Great-great grandfather....just kidding,we just share the same surname,thats about it. The city was named after him because he was the greatest warrior in those days. It is believed by the locals that he killed 3 lions which used to terrorize the locals with his bare hands. Ibadan had 9 wives n mistresses all over the region. He was finally murdered by one of his mistresses who claimed that she was the one whom Soren loved and cared about the most and that she should more..

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