Getting There in Ibadan

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This Ibadan getting there guide will give you some tips on getting to this city in Nigeria. Ibadan is also the largest and most populated city in Nigeria. It reflects the startling combination of the well developed Western World and the poorly developed country of Africa. Some roads are near destruction and need repair, so you have to expect rough roads along the way. Upgrades are currently being done to improve roads and modes of transportation.

International Travel

The Ibadan Airport welcomes foreign visitors. If you want to travel by land, then you have to endure the rough roads, which connect one place to another. You can go through Lagos and then to Ibadan. Lagos is about 78 miles from Ibadan. The cost of a round trip ticket from New York to Ibadan starts at $1,059. You could also travel by land from Lagos, if you want to interact more with the friendly locals. Just like in any other place, it is safer to travel in groups or with a trusted tourist guide.

Getting to Ibadan

If you are coming from Lagos, you can then ride a bus for Ibadan. There are bus stations in Lagos, like those based in Ojota, where you can ride a bus to Ibadan. The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway facilitates travel by bus. The Trans-Sahara Highway, one of the international highways, is nearly finished and will be operational soon. This highway runs along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and would contribute significantly to speed of travel from Lagos to Ibadan. 


Most flights coming into the country would either be stopping at Lagos, Abuja or both cities.

Getting to Ibadan from Lagos is pretty straightforward because there is an expressway from Lagos that was purposely built to convey travellers. In fact, the road to Ibadan from the airport does not go through the city. If traffic is light then the journey should not take more than 1 hour and 45 mins.

It is strongly advised that you be met at the airport, but if this is not possible then it is best to take a taxi from the airport terminal. They may be expensive but they are usually reliable and safe. A trip to Ibadan from the airport should not exceed the equivalent of US$40 in local currency.

For anybody wanting to travel to Ibadan from Abuja there are two options, and travelling by road is not one of them unless you want to do sight-seeing. There is a modern airport in Ibadan but it is hardly used. However, it is worth trying to see if you can get a straight flight to Ibadan failing of which you could get a flight to Lagos and then go to Ibadan by road. Flight tickets within the country cost an average of US$75 per trip in equivalent local currency.

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You can get to Ibadan from Abuja by air flying with Overland Airline. They fly to Ibadan from Abuja via Ilorin (a nearby city) everyday of the week. (The do not fly weekends). They also sometimes fly from Lagos to Ilorin every week day.

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how to get to libya by road from nigeria

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