Getting Around in Ibadan

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Moving around Ibadan could be quite stressful if you do not have your own means of transportation. The city has a fleet of usually driver owned taxis and mini-buses, but with the state most of them are in they would be rejected in a metal scrapyard. As if this isn't bad enough, even if you decide to go through the unforgetable experience of boarding one of these contraptions you would find them difficult to come by. And when a taxi does come do not be surprised to find two people sitting in the front with the driver and four people behind and then being told to jump in with your girl or boyfriend because there's loads of space!

The bad economic situation in the country has adversely affected the quality of public transportation. Most of the taxis look like ex-rally cars that has been bashed up by a lorry. It is not an uncommon sight to see some that are bereft of everything but the basics that keep it moving such as an engine, steering wheel and extremely bald tyres. Windows where they exist may be fabricated with see-through plastic.

It is therefore advisable to arrange transportation in advance before travelling. If this proves impossible, then spend some time looking for a taxi that is in good condition (this may be difficult, but it's possible) and then make sure you do not let go of it. Arrange with the driver when you want him to be picking you up and use his services for the period while you are in the city. Most taxi drivers would be happy with this arrangement.

Ibadan is circular and the road that leads into Iwo Road when coming in from Lagos goes nearly half way round the outskirts of the city.

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