Festivals in Ibadan

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When you're visiting the Nigerian city of Ibadan, festivals offer a glimpse into the local culture and heritage of the region. You'll find that local festivals are vibrant with singing and dancing, all in traditional dress. Most festivals occur annually so it's not hard to include a festival in your itinerary for an unforgettable experience.

As the capital of the Oyo region and it is the second largest city in Nigeria, Ibadan is host to many important sporting events such as polo, which has a strong following in the region.

Polo Festival

Ibaddan has a history of polo that can be traced back to the 1920s, and the region has produced players who compete in prominent polo events in Africa. Teams from all over Nigeria compete including teams from Lagos, Katsina and Minna. A prestigious event is the competition for the Rotimi Cup, Ibadan Cup and Ade Alakija Cup. Well-known teams include the Minna Talban Team and Hadi Sirika's Rubicon. Renowned Nigerian players such as Dawule Baba and Hadi Sirika enjoy enthusiastic local followings. Polo in Ibadan is an unforgettable experience for spectators.

Oke Ibadan

Oke Ibadan is an ancient festival that is celebrated annually. Popular among locals, crowds flock to take part in the festivities. The festival name translates to "hill of Ibadan" and the festival includes legends about the original site of Ibadan, which was located on a hill. Settlers from the east and north congregated on the hill during the 18th century and the town was formed. The hill has been deserted since then, but the legacy thrives. Oke Ibadan festival includes fertility rites and honors the founder of Ibadan and the goddess of the hill.

New Yam Festival

The New Yam festival is celebrated annually in August. The festival symbolizes the end of a season of work and the beginning of a new season. Friends and family congregate to feast on meals of yams and there are displays of cultural dances. Once the festival is over old yams are thrown away as it is believed that the new cycle should begin with a fresh start. At the beginning of the festival yams are offered to the gods and ancestors to thank them for a good harvest and to ensure a good harvest the following season. The elders performs the ritual and eat the first yam to show their important position.

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