Eating Out in Ibadan

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You can choose from a wide selection of Ibadan restaurants that serve a variety of cuisine, from international to local. Ibadan features different types of dining facilities, from fast food to mid range restaurants. There are several restaurants that can be found in hotels, while bukas are local eateries that are inexpensive.

Mr. Biggs

Mr. Biggs is a famous local eatery in Ibadan. This restaurant serves a variety of international cuisine, mostly fast food items. They are popular for their hamburgers, snacks and pastries. Aside from these dishes, Mr. Bigg’s also features chicken dishes, meat pies and donuts. Mr. Biggs also serves local cuisines like asaro or yam porridge, cooked beans and fried plantain. This chain of restaurant is a form of fast food in Ibadan, making it an affordable alternative to dining in the city.

Chocolat Royale

Traveling a few kilometers from Ibadan’s city center will get you to Chocolat Royale in Lagos. This dessert shop is a must-try featuring European-style pastries and sweets at an affordable price. Aside from the pastries and cakes, you can also get a wide variety of breads baked fresh every day at Chocolat Royale. The Chocolat Royale also serves other menu items including burgers and sandwiches.


Located 116 kilometers from the city center of Ibadan is the Cactus Restaurant, which is situated in Lagos. Cactus Restaurant serves a variety of local and international dishes including sandwiches, pastries and fresh juices. The restaurant is a great dining option to bring the entire family. It has indoor as well as outdoor dining and is next to the lagoon. Cactus is a huge restaurant.

Big Treats Restaurants

Another popular fast food chain in Ibadan is the Big Treats Restaurant. There are 2 Big Treats restaurants located in Ibadan. One is located on Alaafin Avenue in Oluyo Estate, while the other is situated in Bodija. The dishes featured in Big Treats Restaurant vary serving both local and international cuisine. They have pastas, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, as well as a wide selection of seafood dishes.


Tantalizers is a favorite hang out place among the locals. This restaurant is like a fast food restaurant serving a wide selection of international dishes. There are 7 Tantalizers restaurants in Ibadan that you can choose from. Tantalizers serve different menu items including salads, chips, chicken dishes and burgers. 

Bisi Restaurant

Bisi Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant situated in Kakanfo Inn. This restaurant serves a range of cuisines including Indian, European, American and Nigerian cuisine. It is a formal sit down dining service in Nihinlola Street on Ring Road in Ibadan.

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