When to Go in Calabar

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As you arrange your trip to Calabar, when to go will be you're first decision. You'll want to do some research into travel and weather conditions so you can avoid unbearable weather. Calabar is a port city that lies along the Calabar River. As good as ports are to an economy, they are something completely different to a traveler.

City and Weather

A city like Calabar that resides along a body of water can have hot, humid summers and frigid nights. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic coast, Calabar experiences mild winters that result in little to no freezing cold winters. In addition, unlike the northwestern states of Africa, Calabar is not subject to hurricanes. 

Surprisingly, the hottest months in the city of Calabar do not fall in the summer, but rather at the end of winter and early spring. February, March and April, have on record, produced some of the hottest temperatures. The last summer months, July and August, experience their share of heat, but it varies according to the shift in weather patterns. The autumn and early winter months are relatively calm.

The heaviest rains come during the spring and summer seasons. In July it can rain more than 50 inches throughout the month, the wettest month of the year. There is little rainfall in the winter months, reaching only a few inches, if any, during January.

When to Go

The best time to go, based on data, weather and climate patterns is during the winter months, when the air is cool and the rain is scarce. January is the ideal month for fun and excitement. The temperatures are still above 70 degrees F, but comfortable.

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