Sights in Calabar

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Calabar sights are a real eye candy. For those who do not know, Calabar  is the capital of one of the most popular states in Nigeria known as Cross River State. This country is very popular among the tourists as it offers a plethora of natural delights. Likewise, the city of Calabar is also immensely popular for its splendid landscape. The major attraction of this city is its architechure that was influenced by colonial rule that can mostly be witnessed in the oldest parts like Duke Town, Henshaw Town, and not to forget the nearby waterfront areas.

Until the year 1904, the tourist destination of Calabar was popularly known as Old Calabar. This was done to distinguish it  from New Calabar, which is usually the name of a port and river.

Duke Town

It is one of the major tourist attractions in Calabar. The church situated in Calabar is the oldest church in all of Nigeria. The missionaries of Presbyterian are believed to have established this church, popularly known by the name of Duke Town Church.

Calabar Cemetery

Another major tourist attraction in Calabar is the cemetery, which is located near the Street of Eyamba. From here you can get a beautiful view of both the city and the river. This cemetery is also well known for Mary Slessor's tomb. Slessor was a Scotland missionary.

Calabar Museum

The Calabar Museum is not to be missed if you are planning for a vacation to the Calabar. This is again located close to the water houses. The specialty of this museum is that it is located within the Government house. It was also the residence where the former Governor lived. This museum stores some of the brilliant artifacts that reflect the culture and tradition of Nigeria. Besides the historical artifacts, exhibits related to the production of oil of palm are also displayed here.

Drill Monkey Rehab Center

This is yet another tourist attraction that attracts thousands of visitors round the year. It is located at a place called NNI (Ndidem Nsang Iso) Road. This center hardly attracts the sight of visitors as it is located behind a guest house. A couple from the USA, who were biologists by profession, founded this rehab center. The Government approached them with a request that they should not leave the Red Drill monkeys that were initially hunted and feasted upon by tribal people who inhabited in the Mountains of Afi.

Watt Market

This is a popular shopping destination.  Here you can get great bargains on a varied range of wax materials, automobile parts, jeans, and much more.

Marian Market

This market, on the other hand, is known for fresh farm produce. Here you can buy vegetables at a reasonable price. But make sure you take a local person with you to get a good bargain.

So now that you have a list of places to visit and are also aware of the significance of almost all the places, you can assure yourself that your Calabar visit will be a memorable one.

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