Shopping in Calabar

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When you want to do some Calabar shopping, take time to visit some of the local markets where you will find a wide selection of shops featuring local products. This charming city is a great shopping destination where travelers can get a wide array of products that come from both the neighboring cities and the local people.

There are generally two major markets in Calabar – the Watt Market and the Marian Market. Aside from these two bustling markets, travelers can expect a variety of small shops scattered around the city.

Watt Market

Watt Market is the largest market, where travelers can purchase products from live produce to car parts. One can also find several shops that feature beautiful handicrafts including wax materials, wood works and other local products. Watt Market also has several eateries and hawkers that sell local dishes.

At Watt Market, travelers can also see a wide variety of spices that are known to this region. This market is also a great place to discover the different vegetables and fruits that are innate to the city. When exploring the Watt Market, do not forget to check out the live produce.

Prices are very inexpensive, and it is advisable to haggle if you are planning to buy some souvenirs or products in Watt Market. It is also advisable to visit Watt Market during the Abakwa Festival where dancers in colorful costumes parade and chant around the market.

Marian Market

Compared to Watt Market, Marian Market is a lot smaller. However, there are numerous shops in this market that can rival the ones in Watt Market.

Marian Market features fresh produce that comes from neighboring regions. This is also where locals and travelers can get fresh vegetables that are delivered daily. There are also shops that sell fabrics from different regions of Africa, as well as souvenir shops. There are also several shops in Marian Market that sell locally made products aside from the fresh produce.

Tinapa City Resort

This shopping complex features 80,000 square meters of shopping mecca. It houses several local and international brands. Tinapa City Resort is one of the most visited shopping centers in Calabar. Aside from the numerous shops, there is also an entertainment strip in Tinapa City Resort, as well as restaurants, cinemas, spas and other leisure facilities.

Checking out the local markets is one of the greatest ways to discover how the locals live. Both the Watt and Marian Market is where most locals purchase their produce.


This Facility is currently being blocked by the government of Nigeria. It is not open yet.


A gigantic $500 million (USD) business and leisure resort which is an integrated business and leisure complex known as Tinapa Business and Leisure Limited ( ) as just opened in the beautiful, clean and green city of Calabar . Tagged as Africa Premier Business Resort, the initial phase of the breath-taking resort have attracted some of the best known retailers in the world such as the ancient giant Flamengo (Dubai), Shoprite (South Africa), Harrods, (London), Woodin (Holland) as at the time of writing this report, negotiation was still going on with the world’s biggest retailer – Wall Mart (USA) to set up what will be its first ever shop in Africa in the resort. Below is what the resort currently offers:

a shopping complex comprising:

 four wholesale emporiums 60 retail outlets, a food court with take-away outlets and a communal sitting area, an administrative centre, parking for approximately 3,000 cars and coaches.

an “entertainment strip” leading out of the shopping complex which will include:

a casino of international standard, five restaurants, a cinema complex with cinemas ranging from 104 to 340 seats each, a games arcade and ten-pin bowling alley, a children's play area, a fisherman's village comprising three themed bars, a themed nightclub and an arts and crafts village.

 300-room budget hotel

Support services and amenities such as a sick bay, management offices, etc.

 a warehouse cluster with five warehouses

 Leisureland / Waterworld facility

Wave pool, Standing wave surfing, Lazy river ride, Water slides, Picnic area, Children's pool and children's play area, Tennis courts, Volleyball courts, Change room facilities, Lifeguard tower Kiosks, and Management offices.

 Source: Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort Ltd. Calabar

A modern movie and sound studio known Studio Tinapa has been constructed in the resort to promote the widely popular Nigeria movie industry known as Nollywood. Studio Tinapa is a multi- million dollars partnership between Dreams Productions of Hollywood, California, and Tinapa Business Resort Ltd. Additionally, the first monorail in Africa is being constructed to link the resort to the international airport, the slave museum, and the new Tinapa International Airport that is being planned.

According to the General Manager of the resort Bassey Ndem, the resort is presently valued at one billion dollars (USD).


Bassey Asuquo ( USA )


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