Senior Travel in Calabar

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All About Senior Travel in Calabar

There are no Calabar senior travel discounts in inbound and outbound flights for Calabar. This gradually developing city does not have specific distinctions for senior citizens, children and adults. Although it is the capital of Cross River State, this quaint Nigerian city has still to establish legal rules about special services for senior citizens.

Travel Options in Calabar

Senior citizens can travel to major cities in the country by plane. If you are a senior citizen, you can travel by boat and car. There are local taxis, but boats and cars are recommended, because most taxis are old models. The Cross River State Remlords Tour and Car Hire Services is a legitimate company for transportation. It is advisable to travel in groups or with a trusted and certified tour guide.

Tours for Senior Citizens

You can engage in a less strenuous but fruitful tour of the Calabar Museum which displays various materials related to the ancient and interesting history of the place. A visit to the Duke Town Church will show you the architecture one of the oldest churches in the country. Since it is still a developing country, poverty and poor local services abound. If you do not have a strong stamina, visiting Calabar would prove detrimental. You should receive vaccinations from hepatitis, polio, diphtheria and tetanus before traveling. You might want to use preventive measures for malaria. If you have a condition which needs constant evaluation, you may want to postpone your trip until the doctor certifies you are in good health.

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