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Online Forum for Calabar 

It became necessary at some point to help these people find their way around and to keep in touch with friends they may have made while passing through the city. Hence the site Calabar Online came to be to meet this need.

This site is the first online community of the city with directories that you can search to find the people, places and events in Calabar.

Calabar Online® is Calabar’s first online community and business directory. This site caters for the need to bring together people who have a common interest: Calabar! This site unites people who live in Calabar with those who have visited   such as students of the states two universities, its former polytechnic, tourists, business men and women and their friends from all over the world.

Registration of the members of this site is completely free with members contributing freely the addresses and details of businesses in Calabar including shops, stores, repair men, auto mechanics, churches, banks, hotels, and more. Hence we have a constantly growing directory making us more and more relevant in the daily activities of those who live in the city, tourists and other prospective visitors.
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