Nightlife and Entertainment in Calabar

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Traveling in Nigeria, you can experience culture, heritage and many places of interest to see, including the culture of Calabar nightlife. In Calabar, you can experience a range of things to do including clubs, bars, restaurants and entertainment that you can enjoy throughout the city.

Nightclubs in Calabar

You can find a number of nightclubs in the areas of Lagos and Surulere and the PTK Club in Calabar offers a popular place for tourists to stop in and enjoy the local drinks and music. If you enjoy dancing, there are also a number of clubs in the areas to enjoy the Calabar nightlife, like the T Club that offers one of the most well-known club venues. You can also visit the Discotheque Peru for the great variety of drinks and music.


You can enjoy many different sounds and beats during your stay in Calabar. There are many nightclubs and bars that offer live entertainment from local musicians. You can choose between the cultural beats and drums, or you can choose some of the dance music that is played in many of the places to enjoy on your nights out.

Cultural Events

There are a number of festivals that are held in Calabar, and you can find everything from dancing, music and enjoy the traditional costumes that are part of the colorful culture. You can enjoy the performances from some of the best local musicians and dancers, and learn more about the music and culture of the Calabar nightlife. Some of the most popular festivals to enjoy include the Christmas carnival, the Cross River carnival and the Epke festival that provide entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Lively Markets

If you want to spend your evenings shopping, the lively market that is north of Oyo in Ogbomosho offers a variety of goods that includes custom masks, music, clothing, and the evenings are a popular time in the area to enjoy the markets as you listen to the lively music that is played by some local musicians.

Tinapa Entertainment Complex

You can find a lot of fun ways to spend your evenings in Tinapa that involves shopping and gaming sports. There are indoor sporting venues that allow you to watch or participate in sporting activities, and there are also restaurants in the complex to relax and enjoy a meal after you have been shopping and playing in Tinapa.

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