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Calabar Museum: One of the Finest Museums in Nigeria 

Ranked among the top Calabar museums and, in fact, among the best museums in the country, Calabar Museum is a reflection of the colonial era of Morocco. 

Location of the Museum 

Calabar city, one of the oldest cities in the country, is situated along the serene Calabar River. The city is set in the midst of mountains, offering a scenic environment to the visitors. The museum was once a house of the colonial governor, and it still maintains its splendid gardens from those days.

Designed and Built in Glasgow 

An interesting part about Calabar Museum is that it was designed and constructed in parts in Glasgow, and transported to Morocco over a series of shipments. Calabar has a long history of colonial rule, and this museum represents the era. The museum has also preserved precious papers and documents pertaining to the colonial times. 

Guided Tour of the Museum 

The museum staff is cordial enough to offer a free guided tour of the museum when it is not too busy. In-depth knowledge about the colonial past of Calabar can be gained at the museum. There is a big library with holds legal and constitutional documents in their original forms. There is an upper floor which has been preserved with original furnishings of the time when it was used by colonial rulers. The antiquity, exhibits and artifacts at the museum can engage the attention of interested visitors for several hours. 



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