Getting There in Calabar

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Trouble-free Travel to Calabar

This Calabar getting there guide will help you get to this amazingly friendly city in Cross River State, Nigeria. This city is the capital of Cross River State. Here are a few tips you can use when planning a trip.


You can get to Calabar by taking a flight from Lagos, which is about 1 ½ hours away. Calabar is served by the Margaret Ekpo International Airport. Some of the airlines that operate daily flights to Calabar are Aero Contractors, Virgin Nigeria and Arik Air. These airlines fly in to Calabar from all major cities in Nigeria. If you are coming to Calabar from Europe or the United States, you will have to come to Lagos and change flights. You will also need to have a visa to enter Nigeria.


You can also choose to drive from Lagos to Calabar. You can hire a car or travel with one of the car transportation agencies that provide services to Calabar. You can get to Calabar by car from anywhere in Nigeria. You might want to use ABD Transport, Elim Tours or The Young Shall Grow.


If you are coming in to Calabar from Cameroon, you can make use of several boats which carry both passengers as well as vehicles. If you travel on the boat from Cameroon, you can get a visa to enter Calabar while you are on the boat. This will help you save some time.


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