Family Travel Ideas in Calabar

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Exciting Calabar Family Travel Tours

There are many Calabar family travel discounts available if you have the time to research your travel plans in advance. For example, most hotels, like the Amber Tinapa Hotel, offer discounts for children.  

Points of Interests

Drill Monkey Rehab Center is a thrilling place to visit with your family. Experience close encounters with chimps at the Afi Mountain Ranch. Your family can opt to stay in guest cabins to have firsthand exposure to the wildlife of Calabar. This is an outdoor activity near waters which may harbor malaria and other diseases. Be sure all family members have received appropriate vaccinations and preventive measures prior to your trip. You can venture into the incredible flora and fauna of the surrounding terrain and enjoy the peace and tranquility it offers. If you want to go shopping for excellent wax materials, you can visit Watt Market and shop for unique items only found in Calabar.

Annual Christmas Festival

This festival is popular worldwide for its superb carnival shows, boat regatta and colorful Christmas Village where locals and international visitors dance and perform. This is a good activity for the whole family, because it is wholesome and varied. Children have short attention spans, and the diversity of presentations will arouse and maintain their interests. This learning experience will also broaden your child’s understanding of foreign cultures. Local and foreign tourists, because of its international scope and appeal, frequent this Crossroad River State festival.

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