Day Trips in Calabar

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Taking Calabar day trips is a good way to see the entire area and get the flavor for the city. Calabar is an active seaport in Nigeria with an extensive history. From biotourism to entertainment, look to Calabar for exciting day trips.

Exploring the Wildlife of Africa: Drill Monkey Rehab Center

For many people, taking a safari in Africa is a dream. A full safari takes several days and can be expensive. A good alternative to a safari is visiting one of the animal preserves in Africa. In Calabar, the Drill Monkey Rehab Center is a rescue preserve which takes monkeys that were illegally captured and rehabilitates them. The managers of the reserve retrain the monkeys to live in the wild and nurse them back to health. The reserve also serves as a national park for interested visitors. The rangers give tourists a map of the park and a list of places which are suitable to visit. For people interested in staying overnight, the reserve has a guesthouse.

Lights, Camera, Action Africa: Tinapa

Tinapa is considered the Universal Studios of Nigeria. Tourists who are interested in African cinema should make a trip to Tinapa. The park has active studios and offers a tour for people to see how a movie in Africa is shot. All relevant equipment for making a movie is located on the set. People interested in taking home a piece from a movie can purchase an item from the on-site store.


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