Budget Travel Ideas in Calabar

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Traveling Cheap in Calabar

This small city in Nigeria may be expensive if you don’t plan well, so here are some tips for Calabar budget travel. The city boasts of exotic adventure travel and some interesting cultural sites such as an international museum, a prominent university and a free trade port zone.

Don’t Buy From Specialty Stores

Although Calabar is a leading exporter of traditional African furniture, jewelry, accessories and other African products, do not be fooled to buy from a specialty store or a souvenir shop. These shops usually cater to the tourists and will most likely have export prices. Instead, try to find out the supplier of these products. Some of them will have a home-based storefront, or you can try to visit factories which sell products at a cheaper price. Some street stores and stalls also sell them more cheaply. If it seems too expensive to you, then it probably is.

Reserve Accommodations in Advance

Even budget hotels in Calabar are well-packed. This is because Calabar is considered a popular metropolis in Nigeria, and even locals come flocking to the area. If you’re planning to stay in a medium-range or even budget hotel, call or contact them in advance. You can also check online to see if you can make reservations.

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