Beaches in Calabar

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The city of Calabar is an active seaport in Nigeria with extensive history. The Calabar Beaches are part of the 700 kilometers of white sand Nigerian coastline. The beaches are unpolluted and maintained by the government to ensure quality for tourists. 

Calabar Beach

The Calabar Beach is located by the mouth of the Calabar River. Visitors will feel like they're walking into a mirage. Calabar occupies five kilometers of space on the coastline, giving the illusion of total privacy. Very few locals actually go to the beach except for the fishermen. It is not uncommon to see a fishing hut on the beach. Visitors come for the serenity to be found on the beach. The Blue Lagoon on the beach provides more gentle water for weaker swimmers. The climate in area is tropical so there is high humidity, which in turn heats the water. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant, relaxing swim. They are encouraged to try and explore the shoreline through the water instead of walking. The view from the swim is memorable and will not be forgotten anytime soon. Swimmers can go snorkeling by the coral reefs and see the fabulous aquatic life.

Further up the beach there are a number of resorts to accommodate visitors. There are also a number of wildlife preserves in the area where the government has set up enclosures. After a relaxing swim, a tourist can hike the coast to see the primate preserve. Calabar Beach also has an important historical significance. This beach was once a slave site. There is a monument set up on the beach for those who were enslaved to the Americas. Historical records state that 30% of African slaves left through this port. A number of artifacts from the period are on display in the museum. 

Lagos Beach

Lagos beach is a short drive away from Calabar. A white sand beach, Lagos is famous for its boat tours of the nearby islands. People can take a boat to the islands from the mainland to see Victoria Island and any of the other smaller islands populating the coastline. Lagos also has a pier for people to gaze out to the ocean and go fishing. After a day of beach fun, the visitor can then go back to Lagos to enjoy the nightlife.

Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is another beach located by Calabar. Patrons can get to this beach using the scenic coastal expressway. Getting there, the visitor will see coconut trees covering the shoreline. This beach is popular for biodiversity groups, as the government goes to great lengths to maintain this white sand beach.

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