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Monument for those who died fighting for our Fatherland

Monument for those who died fighting for our Fatherland

Calabar has an annual rainfall of 106ins, this means that Calabar has the highest rainfall in Nigeria. Obudu Ranch which is more than 7,000 ft above sea level has a temperature of ???. The weather here has been compared to a typical December month in London. The difference is that this weather remains the  same throughout the year. So when you have  been suntanned in Calabar and miss the usual winter feeling , come down to OBUDU Ranch. Calabar is  in the far South East of the country it is an important and your last stop on your way to Cameroon. Why don't you go on a trip to the Cameroun borders. An interesting day out to feast your eyes of green and virgin vegetation. To see animals in their natural habitat and stop to buy fresh  organic fruits from the forest.

Calabar is compact by Nigerian standards but pleasant.  Calabar is famously known to stand for:C=come A=and L=live A=and B=be A=at  R=rest.There is a vibrant market and produce brought from far and wide. If you want organic food to buy instead of artificial and fertilizer engineered food come to Calabar market.

 Calabar museum is a museum too. It has housed some of the oldest antiquities of the Southren Nigeria Protectorate. Before you take a 20mins boat trip to Creek Town to see the statue of Mary Slessor and the work she did there, you must take note of the Calabar river. Hippo has been reported to be sighted along Calabar just by the creek that leads you to Creek Town. The Calabar river was the motor-way of the 15th century which led the Europeans to the town. Whatever your views it was was a mixed blessing. It brought trade and Christianity. We should not forget the Ekpe Institution. It was the government of the day. Till today, Ekpe society plays an important part in the social, cultural live of the people of Calabar.

The Cross River State Annual Christmas Festival held every year attracts thousands within and beyond Nigeria. The Festival which include music performance from both local and international artists, the annual Calabar carnival, Boat regatta, Fashion shows, Christmas Village, traditional dances and the annual Ekpe Festival is a yearly events that bring in thousands of tourists at the time of the year. The official website of the Cross River Fesival has more information on the upcoming 2007 Christmas Festival in Cross river State.

The local authorities have made a great effort to make the streets safe by enlarging them, removing potholes, and adding stripes between lanes. One can get about though - as long as one is careful Calabar is quite safe.

Getting around in calabar, Cross River State Remlords Tours & Car Hire Services provide transportation and tour guide services to visitors to Calabar and Cross River State. Make online reservation  The annual Cross River State Festival held every December of every year continues to attrct tourist from far and near. 2007 Calabar festival promises to rivive previous events and introduce a new dimension. is the official website for the Cross River Festival.

There are lots of Colonial Architecture in the older parts of Calabar that are around Henshaw Town, Duke Town and the waterfront areas.

The Duke Town church is one of the oldest in Nigeria. It was established by the Presbyterian church missionaries. If you go to Eyamba Street just past the church there is a cemetery with stunning views over the town and river. Inside the cemetrey is the tomb of Mary Slessor, a missionary from Dundee in Scotland UK. She was very influential in this part of Nigeria.

The hill overlooking the waterfront houses the Calabar Museum which I found to be excellent. It is housed in the Old Government House, the former residence of the colonial governor. The building was designed and built in Glasgow and shipped over in pieces. The museum concentrates on the history of Calabar, the region and slavery. It has a larger quantity of original documents relating to Nigeria than I have seen anywhere in Nigeria, the UK or USA. Since it is not heavily frequented by tourists you can easily get a guided tour from one of the staff and I foudn that to be invaluable. To give you some idea, I spent 3 hours there without a break and had barely touched the surface of the material there. There are a lot of artefacts relating to the production of Palm Oil and the back which are fascinating too. Please, please visit!!!!!!!

The Drill Monkey Rehab Centre is on Ndidem Nsang Iso Road and hidden behind the Jahas Guest House. It was set up by two overlanders from the USA who were biologists back home but who were persuaded by the Nigerian Government to stay in Nigeria and look after the endangered Drill Monkeys which were traditionally hunted and eaten in the Afi Mountain range that borders Cameroon. The couple now have staff in Calabar where they care for recently rescued monkeys e.g. those they capture from people trying to smuggle and export them and they also then return them to the wild in a Drill Ranch in Afi Mountains which is not too far from Calabar. I visited both and would recommend them both although you need a decent vehicle and map to get you to the ranch. The Afi Mountain Ranch (near Katabang) when I was there (~2 years ago) was working on building more accommodation up there and a forest canopy walkway like that in Kakum Park in Ghana for people to experience the environment more closely - I highly recommend this after going to Kakum and I hope the one in Nigeria is being built as it would be a great asset! You are able to visit both after prior arrangement with the team Tel: 087/234 310 Email: I met Jack the chimp in Calabar and I will never forget the experience of having to sit on my lap and fiddle with my hair :)

You can also visit tinapa The complex will provide international standard wholesale emporiums, integrated shopping complexes and product distribution elements supported by business tourism and entertainment facilities. Due for commisioning on the 2nd of April 2007, the first phase of the project a shopping complex comprising: four wholesale emporiums 60 retail outlets a food court with take-away outlets and a communal sitting area an administrative centre parking for approximately 3,000 cars and coaches an “entertainment strip” leading out of the shopping complex which will include: a casino of international standard five restaurants a cinema complex with cinemas ranging from 104 to 340 seats each a games arcade and ten-pin bowling alley a children's play area a fisherman's village comprising three themed bars, a themed nightclub and an arts and crafts village 300-room budget hotel support services and amenities such as a sick bay, management offices, etc. a warehouse cluster with five warehouses Leisureland / Waterworld facility Wave pool Standing wave surfing Lazy river ride Water slides Picnic area Children's pool and children's play area Tennis courts Volleyball courts Change room facilities Lifeguard tower Kiosks Management offices


 Cross River National Park  houses a few Gorilla who are natives of the Calabar/Cameroun forest. Take a bus or taxi to Ikom as you pass through these towns, Akampa, Ugep, stop in all these towns find out what and why they are noted. for.

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