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Benin City-Shopping. Benin City, although very much an intellectual center in Nigeria, is still considered rural and does not host a very high amount of shopping. People in Benin City like to “rough it” and markets tend to sell only the most essential goods for doing so, like basic food and water. Still, there are some shopping areas in Benin that will have items beyond the bare necessities.


By far, Cotonou is the best area in Benin (indeed, some say it even compares well with other areas in Nigeria itself) to indulge in a little shopping. Within Cotonou, the sprawling Dantokpa market houses the most unique shops at some of the fairest prices. You can find many local artisan crafts and sundries that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Many of these shops establish prices through bargaining, and this can add to the fun and excitement of shopping in a local market (even if your bargaining skills aren’t up to par). Some shops in this area include Farifana, the Maison du Vin, and the Wooding Textile Shop.

Centre de promotion de l’Artisanat

The Centre de promotion de l’Artisanat can be found out to the west of the center of St Boulevard Michel, and is a cross between a market and a series of standardized shops. Shopping here tends to involve chance more often than not; sometimes your retail product may be of excellent quality and other times it will be cheap rubbish. Again, there can be some fun and excitement in this if you are buying non-essential items. You can find many masks and woodcarving, as well as beautiful patchwork flags depicting the royal kingdoms. Also, you will need all of your bargaining powers ready as you needed them before. Usually about 10000 CFA (African francs, or about twenty American dollars) will be enough for a plentiful amount of products and souvenirs.

Other Miscellaneous Shops

There are other miscellaneous shops which include wood-paneled shops that make wooden goods, high-range luxury shops, and even photo shops. Wooden goods are versatile, durable and very reasonably priced, and almost always show a superior level of craftsmanship. Luxury shops may offer rare polished minerals and heirlooms, which are extremely valuable to anyone who can pay for them. Finally, photo shops offer many of the same technologies and services that one may find in France and even the United States, at a reasonable price.

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