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Benin City Practical Information will help people who are planning to visit the heart of Nigeria- Benin city which is situated in Edo state of Nigeria. Benin City is the main center for traditional arts. It is also the main center of rubber industry of Nigeria. The suggested months to visit this beautiful city are February, June and December.  

Population and Currency

The estimated population of Benin City was 203,000 in 1991. The currency is Naira and Kobo. One Naira equals to 100 Kobo.  

Culture and Language

The art and bronze casting skills of Benin people are famous all over the world. The Benin people celebrate various yearly festivals for different historic occasions and seasons. Various cultural diversities are found here. Hausa, Igbo and Yorusa are the main indigenous languages but the official language is English. Benin people like pounded yam and obgolo soup very much.  

Places to Visit   Benin City is famous for its traditional art. There are so many places which reflect the Nigerian culture and history. The National Museum is situated in the center of the city. It has beautiful and interesting artifacts. The Oba’s palace and the statues of the okada’s house and some local art galleries are also the attractions of the Benin City. The Benin City is also famous for its best bronze casters. Benin City is surrounded by moats which have historical value because they were used as a defensive tool against the enemies of the state.  

Visa Requirement  

A visa is required to visit the city. Visitors should also have the “WHO yellow card” which indicates that the person has been vaccinated for yellow fever.  

Safety Tips

Tourists should always take care while getting around this unknown city. Travelers should avoid the isolated areas and beaches at night time especially when they are alone. Some places become more dangerous at night time. While getting around the city travelers should not carry valuable things and the original passport. They should carry only the photocopy of the passport. Some places in Benin City, like some governmental buildings and official sites are prohibited to be photographed. Sometimes Benin people react angrily if photographed. So it is suggested that you obtain prior approval before taking photographs of people. Tourists are also advised to bring their prescription drugs and medicines with them due to limited medical facilities in Benin City.

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