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There’s an old gag about some quite cities that they "roll up the streets" about 9 p.m., and that’s the exciting part of the night. This is pretty much how Benin City Nightlife is. The nightlife of Benin City has seen its share of trouble and war, and perhaps that is why there is little nightlife. However, there is evidence of a rebirth going on in the city. 


If you are looking for the sparkling nightlife you find in Johannesburg, then Benin isn’t the city for you. The only two clubs that stand out are the Hexagon and the Blue Edge Night Club. Blue Edge has a traditional dance floor where people come and dance during the evening. Various kinds of cocktails are served. Hexagon is another club that features a dance floor. Various bands perform there, so music lovers get a chance to listen and dance to live music.

Bus System

One thing to note is that the city does have a very successful bus system. This could be the beginning of a very lively nightlife in the future, because it will give people an easy way to get to various sites in the city.

Other Activities

For hotels, the sparse nightlife is a real benefit, because guests remain around the hotel to take advantage of all of the facilities available to them. For example, if a guest wants to learn to ride a horse, there are hotels that offer riding lessons to their guests. Granted, horseback riding is not exactly nightlife, but it is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by a family together. Or, kids can use the sandpit, while Mom and Dad watch a movie in their room.

It will likely take time to build the infrastructure needed for really exciting nightlife, but when that infrastructure is ready, West Africa should watch out, as Benin may soon be a new place for fun and excitement.

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