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When traveling in Benin City, museums are everywhere. This ancient city has much to be proud of, and museums are simply a way of preserving that pride. You can find everything from ancient artifacts and archaeological finds to evolutionary discoveries in a number of these museums.

Benin City National Museum

Located in the city center around King's Square is the Benin City National Museum. Home to a large number of artifacts that trace back to the Benin Empire during the twelfth century, this museum will give you a great look into the history of this city. The museum displays a number of bronze statues, terracotta pottery and other housewares as well as a number of cast iron pieces.

Oba Palace

Also known as the "House of Oba" the Oba Palace is an ancient dwelling place in the Benin Empire. At the height of the Benin Kingdom, the city was turned into the Oba Palace, with over forty wards and a network of walls that surrounded the city. This palace has been preserved and is now one of the primary attractions in Benin City. The "Oba" had rule over all the local artisans, who became residents in these wards. The ancient artifacts they made while dwelling within these walls include wax bronze statues, stone sculpture, pottery and much more. The ruins of the palace are a museum in themselves; this place is a true archaeological wonder that takes you back to ancient Benin.

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